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Patriots vs. Bears Recap

by on December 12, 2010 7:25 PM, under Football, Patriots, Sports

There isn’t too much to say about this game. Seemed like a pretty even (their play through the game, not the opponent) and ho-hum kind of game for the Patriots.

They started right off passing in the snow and wind, then the toss sweep run killed by the Bears’ defensive speed. Why didn’t they stick with 5 wide for the first series?

It was pretty evident that they were working very hard to avoid strips/fumbles by a very aggressive Bears defense.

Devin McCourty’s foot prevents a fumble from being overturned. It reminds me of 2001 when David Patten retained possession of the ball because when he was knocked¬†unconscious, his head was out of bounds while he was touching the ball. Just weird things going your way.

I’d say I have two concerns coming out of this game. As affective as they were getting touchdowns to start, they had a lot more ineffective red zone trips. The Bears seemed to have tightened up their red zone defense as the Patriots wasted a punt return and strip sack that put them deep in Bears territory. Hopefully it is just a small blip on the radar. The other concern would be McCourty. I didn’t know at the time (I wondered where he was), but he left the game with a “rib” injury. ¬†Hopefully that is nothing serious.

Have you ever noticed when a guy has a bad play, they clap their hands? I wonder why they do that. It seems like a reflex.

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