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What About Kate?

by on February 20, 2010 12:19 PM, under Entertainment, TV

That’s what I wondered when they showed the scene in the cave. We saw:

  • 4 – (John) Locke
  • 8 – (Hugo “Hurley”) Reyes
  • 15 – (James “Sawyer”) Ford
  • 16 – (Sayid) Jarrah
  • 23 – (Jack) Shephard
  • 42 – (Jin or Sun) Kwon

What about Kate Austen? She was “touched” by Jacob as a child (when she tried to steal the New Kids on the Block lunch box), but isn’t on the list. There must be some significance to that along with the question of Jin, Sun or both (Jacob touched both of them). I don’t think this is the explanation or meaning of the numbers, instead it’s just another use of them. The mysteries on the island continue.

Both Sawyer and not-Locke (the man in black) saw the boy. Is he alive? Richard didn’t see him, but I believe he had his back to him and was gone when not-Locke looked back. The boy tells not-Locke that he knows the rules, he can’t kill “him”. Is the boy Jacob? Who is “him” that the boy refers? Jacob? Was it Sawyer? He brought him down a dangerous ladder. Sawyer had to choose to go down himself. Was he trying to lead him into a circumstance that leads to his death? Are all the people that Jacob touched safe from the smoke monster? Could that explain why it stared down Locke and did nothing? Did it appear as Jack’s dad and get him to almost chase him and fall off a cliff?

Off the island things are also mysterious. We have seen Ethan Rom (the guy who took Claire in season 1) and Ben off the island. Ethan was working at the hospital where Claire was taken in labor. Ben is teaching at a school where Locke ends up working after getting fired from Hurley’s box company (confirming that link from season 1). Is this to show that all the people on the island are linked. Maybe they weren’t all linked in the past, but would/will be in the future.

I think the mysteries that I would like to know the answers to before the show ends are:

  • What was special about Walt? Did he have a key role in this? Did his growth spurt cause them to just abandon him? I think if he does not have his mysterious “ability” explained, then the growth spurt was a problem and they just dropped him.
  • How will they explain the the off-island (plane lands) and the on-island (plane crashes) stories?
  • How will they explain the differences between passengers on the original Oceanic 815 flight that crashed and the one that lands?
  • What is the battle between the man in black and Jacob about?
  • Who is Richard and why doesn’t he age?

Going back to the time travel mystery. When the bomb is detonated, they go from the 1970s back to 2007. They say that the crater is there from when they blew up the Swan. It looked like some of the debris burying Juliet was from the drilling rig and she wasn’t nearly as far down as she fell. One of the Dharma vans came with them. I can see how they differentiate between the people who time traveled (the people went back to the time they were supposed to been at), but how come some objects went and some didn’t? This might be nit-picking, I’m not sure.

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