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Colts Careless with Austin Collie’s Concussions?

by on Dec.19, 2010, under Football, Sports

Six weeks ago, Colts wide receiver Austin Collie was knocked unconscious by a vicious hit against the Eagles (see it here). He did not play the following week and returned to play against the Patriots. It seemed to be too soon given how hard he was hit against the Eagles, but supposedly people have to be cleared by an independent neurologist to play again after suffering a concussion.

Colts-Patriots games are usually important games because both teams are usually playing in the play-offs and the head-to-head tie breaker could determine home filed advantage. Heading into the game, the Colts were 6-3 and the Patriots were 7-2. It made me wonder if they let him back in too early to play in an important game. He was tackled by Jerod Mayo and suffered another concussion. It didn’t appear he was knocked out, but he clearly suffered a concussion.

Austin Collie Tackled by Jerod Mayo

After this concussion, the Colts kept him out 3 weeks. He returned today against the Jaguars in a game they had to win. To put it simply, if the Jaguars won, the Colts would’ve been knocked out of the playoffs, or would’ve had to win out and get lots of help to make it. Collie was back and he was now wearing a tinted visor for the first time this year. A symptom of post-concussion syndrome is light sensitivity.  I don’t know what other reason he would have to wear a tinted visor for the first time all year besides a light sensitivity.

Austin Collie with Tinted Visor

Today he took a forearm to the head and appeared to be knocked unconscious, again, making this his third concussion in 6 weeks (1 in each game he has played in that span). I thought it was too early and suspicious for his first return (not because he was active against “my” team, but from the viciousness of the hit he took) and now I’m even more suspicious after this one. If the NFL is serious about concussions and player safety, they really need to look into how and why Austin Collie was cleared to play and suffered concussions upon his return.

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