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Lost and FlashForward Musings

by on March 21, 2010 2:00 PM, under Entertainment, TV

We’re right near the halfway mark for the final season of Lost and it seems like more mysteries have been added compared to how many have been solved. It makes me wonder if there is enough time to wrap up all the big mysteries.

I don’t think there will be an answer to the meaning of the numbers. They were used in so many contexts, they now just seem like numbers. Jacob’s numbering system for the candidates based on the placement of the lighthouse mirror? In a previous post I had wondered where was Kate. She had a number (51) assigned to her at the lighthouse. It doesn’t make much sense right now.

In the first couple of seasons, there were only flash backs. They seemed to show how many of the plane crash survivors had either unknowingly crossed paths or had some type of unknown relationship. Now in these alternate reality flashes, they seem to be running into each other and having their lives intersect. Does this mean they were destined to cross paths? Maybe the point is that some things are pre-destined, but how people get there allows for choice. It could explain why it’s hard to figure out if it is free will or destiny or who is good/evil between Jacob and not-Locke.

I thought the series would end with an explanation about why all those people were brought to the island and how they were connected. But I can’t make much sense of these new flashes. Some characters seem no different, while others seem to be living pretty different lives. What is the purpose of showing a what-if ¬†Oceanic 815 landed? Does that mean both happened? Either could’ve happened? Is there an event that prevents it?

I thought I could kind of figure this whole thing out as it winds down, but I’m pretty much where I’ve been for the whole series. Just sitting back and waiting for answers. A couple more months and I guess we’ll have all of the answers we’re going to get.

Onto another show that just came back, FlashForward. ABC did a good job bringing this show back from a nearly 4-month hiatus. They had a special to recap what happened with the main characters and then aired a 2-hour episode. They gave us a lot of new information and filled in some blanks. We now know who suspect zero is, who (sort of) caused the blackout and the role of Lloyd in amplifying it. Oddly, neither Lloyd or Simon were asked about their captors. If any sketches were made, it would’ve been pretty simple to link Simon to his “uncle”.

With some of those questions answered, I think the next big thing is the events people saw when they blacked out and seeing how far Simon can get in figuring out who was behind the blackout and why they need him. It will be interesting to see if the flashes are destined or become self-fulfilling prophecies.

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